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Here for Your Furry Family

Modern, welfare based dog training using proven canine science, positive reinforcement and working with your dog's natural behaviours.  Let me help you to understand your dog, how your dog is communicating and how to get him/her repeating behaviours for you again and again with renewed focus.



Canine compassion, care and understanding.

I am a modern, qualified, welfare based Dog Trainer. I have gained my Dog Training Theory qualification from Reaseheath College (Accredited by OCN).  In 2020 I passed and completed my 2nd & final year studying Advanced Canine Reactive Behaviour with Canine Principles.  I received a Distinction following 2 years studying Holistic Health for Dogs with the British College of Canine Studies in December 2022.  I have hundreds of hours experience training dogs.  I regularly attend seminars and take courses about dogs and their behaviour to update my skills.  I am passionate about dogs and I am dedicated to their welfare and well-being.
I only use humane, force-free, reward based training techniques, working in line with proven Canine Science.  No mammal can learn when stressed or afraid.  I will help you understand how your dog thinks, learns and communicates, looking at appropriate techniques for training and show you how to apply them. I will help build both yours and your dog's confidence.  Together we will look at your dog's needs and how best to address those needs to build trust and an unbreakable bond which will encourage your dog to listen to you like never before and avoid future problems arising.

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Fun, Fur and Frolics



Building great emotional experiences from the start.

Learning through fun and play is the quickest, easiest and kindest way to train dogs. 
Offering you expert advice to help you understand your puppy, your puppy's development, socialization, practical reward based training, common training mistakes and how to avoid them as well as helping develop your puppy into an emotionally resilient dog and how to prevent future problems.

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Age is just a number!

It's never too late to train your dog.  I help people train dogs of all ages from 7 months old to 14 years old.  Dogs are perfectly able to learn at any age.  But every dog has a different learning rate, some are just a little slower than others, no matter what their age.



A Stress-Free Experience

Your future dog’s happiness is my number one priority. Adopting a puppy or dog is a huge commitment and with such conflicting (often outdated) advice on the internet or social media, it can seem like a minefield.
Let me help reduce the stress for you with a one to one session, learn what to expect, what to avoid in the first weeks and how to help your new family member build trust and settle into their new life.  I can teach you the skills to enable you to train your dog and any future dogs for the rest of your life.

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Holistic Care for Dogs

The Best for Your Pet

I offer sessions on holistic care for dogs. Looking at prevention, how to keep them happy and healthy and participating in their care needs, rather than complying.  Ways to reduce stress and the need for unnecessary visits to the pet doctor by meeting their whole needs.

Our dogs have only one life, just like we do.  Let's make sure we help them live their best lives!
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Mobile: 07703 234410

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Monday - Saturday: 8am - 8pm

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